Latest version (Feb 2019)

Version Download link Size
Linux 32bit: Gegenees_v3.1_linux.gtk.x86.tar.gz 36MB
Linux 64bit: Gegenees_v3.1_linux.gtk.x86_64.tar.gz 36MB
Manual GegeneesHelp.html (Latest help file)
Beta version updates: beta updates
Please cite: (PMID: 22723939 )

Previous versions

Version Download link Size
Linux 32bit: Gegenees_v3.0BETA_linux.gtk.x86.tar.gz 27MB
Linux 64bit: Gegenees_v3.0BETA_linux.gtk.x86_64.tar.gz 27MB
Linux 32bit: Gegenees_v2.2.1-LNX32.tar.gz 36MB
Linux 64bit: Gegenees_v2.2.1-LNX64.tar.gz 37MB


Download and extract the Linux version of Gegenees. If you have a 64-Bit environment, download the 'x_86_64' version and if you have a 32-bit environment download the 'x86' version. Note, even if you have a 64-bit Linux version, the java version may be 32-bit. To check this: Open a command prompt (search for cmd in the windows menu) and type 'java -version'. If java is installed a version will be reported. The java version must be 1.8.x or higher. If the java version is 64-bit, there should be a statement about '64-Bit' somewhere in the version information. If java stops and returns 'exit code 13' when you try to start Gegenees, you are probably trying to run a 64-bit Gegenees version using a 32-bit Java version. Gegenees is started by double-clicking the Gegenees program located under the eclipse folder. If the Gegenees program has been transfered via another filesystem (e.g. windows or a USB key), The execution flag may have been lost. Right click the Gegenees file, select Properties and Premissions and check the 'Allow executing file as program' checkbox (or in the terminal use e.g., 'chmod a+rwx Gegenees') .